Recycling the dead

I see dead people’s mail.

For the rest, please go to the

Wind cubed

On-site generation of renewable energy such as wind and solar is big buzz because it takes issues of getting the power onto the grid and back off the table. An Ohio company has one option. Go to
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Most valuable players.

We all know puppies (and kittens) play. And by that I mean our furry companions grab attention and are ideal promoters. Ad campaigns with their goofy mugs have legs. They and their grown-up counterparts star in television commercials, movies and Animal Planet.  If you missed the 2010 “Puppy Bowl,” it is not too late. Please sit down; this is a heady, heady experience. Honestly, who needs drugs or alcohol when we have puppies scampering into the wrong end zone and cheerleader rabbits “stunned” into speechlessness. I still may buy the DVDs. For the rest, please go to the website.

The Bradford Poodle

Hate with the “white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.”

They are everywhere.

That’s harsh, but a recent Facebook thread flamed that emotion after a friend posted what she described as her annual rant against the Bradford pear tree. Ubiquitous in Middle Tennessee and I suspect most everywhere else, the Bradford pear is an easy landscape choice and an equally easy target, but I had no idea emotions ran so hot. For the rest, you must go to the

They don't like it when you watch.

Leaping from a steady newspaper gig to self-employment means uncertainly, mystery and many new learning curves.

I expected to learn about and write about new subjects but could not have anticipated many of them. In my new life, Random Facts simply fall from the sky, much like pecans on a brand-new car in the South or pollen in whatever part of the country I call home.

This week’s Random Fact: The mating ritual for bison is a bit more involved than the process for cattle and a male bison will follow the intended female around for four days before consummating the act.

I did not witness bison mating but talked with the owner of Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, which has more than 2,000 head of buffalo on 41 square miles, for Images of Cheyenne, a relocation magazine published by Journal Communications. The ranch organizes hunts, which I don’t like to think about, and offers tours, which is a big source of its income.

More people can mean fewer calves. Bison don’t like to be bothered when they are getting in the mood, and heavy tour activity can cut the number of females who bear a calf that year in half. The boy-girl ratio also is different on a bison ranch. Typical cattle ranchers have one bull for every 20 cows. The average boy bison, on the other hand, gets a shot at 10.

Who knew?

Still, it is comforting to see parallels between the animal world and ours. “Female bison are the ones who control when the male gets to begin the courtship process,” the owner told me.

No kidding.

Check out the virtual magazine.

News flash

Pamdemonium will be a month old on Sunday and very soon will move to pamelacoyle.com. I hope to make the transition as painless as possible for all, with the likely exception of the author and her consultant. The new “digs” will allow readers to email me, share on FB and Twitter and such (I think) and forward to friends, or enemies, depending.

In my “spare” time I am trying to design the main website but the blog will serve as the home page for now. I’d love to hear what folks like and don’t like to see on writer/editor/content creator sites. I want my “webness” to both present what I can do professionally and feature Pamdemonium, with easy navigation and all that SEO stuff. Ideas are churning.

And I need a business name. Coyle Communications is serviceable. Content by Coyle? Coyle Content. C-squared? Word Wonk? (someone else has that site and the business name is likely taken). Coyle Consulting is too vague. Words Are My Life?

Instead of writing two proposals due in the morning, I am blogging. Again. So if you have any ideas for companies, businesses, etc., that may need a ghost blogger, let me know. I’d like to cash in on my OCD.

Stay tuned.

Password pamdemic

My head hurts.

Seriously, how do you keep track of it all? In one weekend, I created a Twitter account, a WordPress account, registered http://www.pamelacoyle.com with GoDaddy, which required an account, and then created a hosting account and I believe I still need separate passwords for databases.

Overloaded, I foolishly tried to do some banking and screwed up my login and password and had to reset everything. I am not even going to get into other finance-related accounts because that would be dumb. A potential new client uses PayPal so I started an account with the email I use for work. Three years ago I created a PayPal account to buy an item on eBay but couldn’t remember the password, so I just started over. Determined, I went back to look for my first PayPal account, reset the password and found a $600 balance. That’s nice but it isn’t exactly found, free money.

I used some of that rediscovered, not free money to buy a theme to build my website, which requires another login and password. In a freakish fit of optimism, and because I like to think big when I can, I bought the developer option so I can build more websites and have more logins and passwords for hosting accounts and databases.

My “plan” is to redo my email accounts so they all feed to one place. As it stands, I use one Comcast email account for work and a separate one for personal stuff. My Facebook notices feed to the personal account; Twitter and blog stuff feeds to the work account. Different contacts on my LinkedIn account feed to each. I know I have at least three g-mail accounts that I started or clients created for work with them using Google Docs. One of them I think I can remember without too much pain. I don’t think I ever had a Yahoo account or Hotmail and AOL is so 1992, though I did have one or two of those. Continue Reading »